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Title: Par EC bathing beach investigation 2000 : final draft report
Author: Rob Hocking
Document Type: Monograph
Annotation: EA additional title info: environmental protection department Cornwall area February 2001
The EC Designated Bathing Water at Par (81614842) on the south coast of Cornwall is sampled in accordance with the requirements of the EC Bathing Waters Directive (EC/76/100). Data gathered during the 1998 Bathing Water season (beginning of May to the end of September) demonstrated the bathing water to be at significant risk of exceeding the imperative standards for faecal and total coliforms (2,000 and 10,000/100ml respectively). On 08/07/98 the routine sample contained 2166/100ml of faecal coliforms and on 21/08/98 a sample contained faecal and total coliform concentrations of 1,980/100ml 14,800/100ml respectively. Should the faecal coliform concentrations in this sample have been 21/100ml greater the bathing beach would have failed the Directive in 1998. Similar results were found in 1999 with 10,100/100ml of total coliforms on 16/07/99 and 9,300/100ml on 16/09/99. This sample also contained 2,300/100ml of faecal coliforms. Again the Bathing Water narrowly passed the imperative standard for the year. Salinity data from the samples mentioned above and for many samples taken from the beach show that the sampling point is influenced by freshwater, by up to 50%. The objective of this document is to identify the sources of bacterial contamination to the Par Beach Bathing Water which prevent the Beach from meeting the EC Bathing Water Guideline Standards.
Publisher: Environment Agency
Publication Date: 2001
Publication Place: [Dorset]
Subject Keywords: Bathing waterBathing Water DirectiveBeachesBacteriaBacterial monitoringPublic health
Geographic Keywords: Par (Cornwall)Par River (Cornwall)
Extent: n.p. [27]
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