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Title: River Wissey investigations : linking hydrology and ecology : the basis for in-river flow management. Final Draft (OI/526/ )
Author: National Rivers Authority
Document Type: Monograph
Concern for protecting flows to meet in-river needs has been highlighted by the NRA Report on Determination of Minimum Flows. The Report recommends the setting of River Flow Objectives (RFO). defined as flow regimes . and the promotion of an Ecological Objective (EO) for each sector of river, upon which the RFO should be based. However, there is little information in the scientific literature to guide the decision-making process in defining ecological targets or in the determination of flows to sustain;restore these targets. Currently, PHysical HABitat SIMulation (PHABSIM) is in use in several countries, but only in the USA has it gained widespread acceptance in practice. Hydrological indices remain popular, especially when they are supported bv local ecological information. This study was initiated in 1990 during a prolonged drought to develop an approach to setting Hows to meet ecological targets, focussing on the River Wissey, Norfolk but also considering the transferability of the information gained to other chalk' streams in Anglian Region. A primary aim of the study has been to evaluate information on macroinvertebrate populations for setting How targets.
Publisher: National Rivers Authority
Publication Date: 1996
Publication Place: Bristol
Subject Keywords: RiversHydrologyEcologyFlow rateEcological factorsMacroinvertebratesChalk streamsWater levels
Geographic Keywords: EA AnglianWisseyCam and Ely Ouse catchment
Extent: 11
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